Case Studies

Programming school

Our task was to create a website for a person who runs programming school for children and adolescents.

The main purpose of our cooperation was to design and develop minimalistic theme with monochrome colours, which allows account creation for students and download section for registered users.
The most important requirement was a time. We have had only 2 working days to design and code.

As a result our client received WordPress based website which is extremely fast and clear.

Mobile view of Programming school
Desktop view of Programming school

Social Media Chat

Our task was to create a social network architecture integrated with a secure chat application. We have successfully implemented the system dedicated to social media platforms and chats. The challenge was to run these two components and make them work separately. As a result, we have encrypted, user-friendly chat application with already 2 million registered fans from around the world, and the innovative platform with highly developed tools that enable users to build a community. The project required a specific approach and making it was a genuine achievement.

Mobile view of Social Media Chat
Desktop view of Social Media Chat

Multilevel Marketing Platform

We have been fully created from scratch an extremely big affiliate marketing solution for business owners around the world. It has been deployed to production environment built on OpenStack and Kubernetes. This system has more than 2 millions unique users. It integrates with multiple payment processors and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the user interface has been designed to be easy, useful and as much intuitive as possible. For that purpose our Front-End team has chosen the ReactJS framework to deliver the best standards of modern web development supported by high test coverage of all website elements.

Mobile view of Multilevel Marketing Platform
Desktop view of Multilevel Marketing Platform